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Vintage Champagne

If you’re shopping for an impressive gift that’s fit for a special occasion, a bottle of vintage champagne from Bottled & Boxed is ideal.

Vintage champagne is made when all of the grapes used to make it are picked in the same year. Typically, they come from years with particularly good harvests, which means they’re often considered to be the most superior kind of champagne.

All of the vintage champagnes you see here come from fantastic brands, including Bollinger, Taittinger and Dom Pérignon. Therefore, they’ve all been produced to a very high standard, which means you can’t go wrong with any you might choose.

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Sometimes a Champagne house may not produce a vintage in one year because the grapes where not good enough. As it is only made in superior vintages, you can be confident about quality, and as the Champagne houses don’t release them until they’ve aged from the legal minimum of three years, some up to a decade or more. You can expect a richer, more complex style, and a much better champagne.  

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