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Rose Prosecco

Ok, so Rose Prosecco doesn't really exist it is known as "Spumante Rosé". Why is this you ask when it is made in the same region of Italy as Prosecco, made with almost the same grapes and using the same method. Well, it all comes down to the Consortium that governs Prosecco, they only allow the use of white grapes to be used in a bottle of Prosecco. And to make the rose color and some of the taste you need a small percentage of red grapes. 

So even though the drinkers and sellers around the world sell and drink Rose Prosecco. The authorities have never acknowledged it as real Prosecco.

This didn't stop us enjoying it, all the same, We find a fantastic selection of rosé Prosecco. 

All of the pink Prosecco you see here comes from well-known brands such as Bottega, Zonin and Martini, so any bottle you choose is guaranteed to be absolutely beautiful.

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More Info > Buy & Send Bottega Gold Rose Sparkling Prosecco 75cl Bottega Gold Rose Sparkling Prosecco 75cl £25.99
More Info > Buy & Send Zonin Rose - A lightly coloured sparkling Rose Zonin Rose - A lightly coloured sparkling Rose £18.37
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