Botter Prosecco

Botter Prosecco is available at Bottled and Boxed for a fantastic gift that we can deliver anywhere in the UK at a working days’ notice.

Botter produce a few different Prosecco's they are all produced in the same Italian town, they are what the Italians name frizzante, not an Italian Spumante. Frizzante is lightly sparkling and Spumante is full sparkling. Botter's Prosecco isn't made entirely from Glera (Prosecco) Grapes, it has some Verduzzo grapes from the surrounding hill side to the town of Treviso.

We also stock Divici Prosecco DOC, which is a  more classic Prosecco, The Style is fruity light and aromatic. Classicly Harmonic.

Our great selection of Prosecco gifts enables you to send single bottles of Prosecco, or Prosecco with other gifts such as flutes and chocolates. But no wine will make an instant visual impact as great as Bottega Gold. Place your order online today.




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