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Fifty Pounds Gin 70cl

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From the botanicals used to the method of production and bottling Fifty Pounds Gin pays tribute to London’s rich gin history. They take our name from the 1736 Gin Act which imposed an annual licence fee of Fifty Pounds on those wishing to produce and sell gin. This Act was a (failed) attempt to curb the prevalent gin craze.

The bottle is based on the ‘case gin’ design of that Georgian era; tapered to allow tight end packing in a pre-bubble wrap time. Each bottle of Fifty Pounds Gin also bears its individual distillation batch number BATCH Nº 01/17 , together with the year that it was distilled.

Production of Fifty Pounds Gin is similarly shaped by history. No shortcuts; high levels of care and attention from sourcing the finest botanicals to distilling in small batches; in short, the way things used to be done. It is this attention to detail that gives Fifty Pounds Gin its remarkable smoothness and exceptional quality.

London is the global capital of gin. It is the birthplace of and the mecca of juniper-based spirits. London Dry Gin is a quality designation for pure gin that is made with natural botanicals and has no flavouring or colouring added after distillation, only water.

Fifty Pounds Gin London is distilled to perfection in small batches. Our recipe is secret, but we’re open about the botanicals used. The resulting gin is triple-filtered to achieve optimum smoothness.


Appearance - Fifty Pounds Gin is colourless in appearance “water white”, if you will – with spirit tails on the side of the glass.

Bouquet - On the nose, it’s classic in character, with a predominant bouquet of juniper and coriander, balanced by its citrus and spice notes.

Taste - On the palate Fifty Pounds Gin is smooth but complex, opening with juniper, but followed by the citrus constituents, and a hint of spice and earthiness. This gives way to a long, fresh finish, that’s clean, dry and with a touch of heat.

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