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Immortalise your love by naming 2 neighbouring stars for eternity!!

The sky's will never look the same again, just look up and know that somewhere your stars are holding hands and shining brightly on you and your lover.

You will receive a 'limited edition lovers' framed certificate with both star names and unique database reference numbers. This pack also includes 2 star area co-ordinates sheets with your actual stars location, and educational astronomy starter pack, with sky chart and star plotter to help you find your stars. The two names will be recorded within Intergalactic Star Database and allocated a unique star number from this database. Please note this is a fun, inspirational gift and scientific institutions will continue to refer to stars by their catalogue number of co-ordinates only.

Pack Contents:

Presentation box
Introduction letter
Framed A4 Personalised Certificate with star names.
2 x star area co-ordinates sheets (actual facts on your stars position)
Guide to Northern Constellations Book
Star Chart Poster
2 Red heart Chocolates

The Intergalactic Star Database would like to state that although we take great pride in our product and service, it is sold as a fun gift and scientific and astronomical institutes will continue to reference and name stars by number only. It is also possible that alternative star naming companies could allocate your star with a different name on their database. The Intergalactic Star Database has no affiliation with any other star naming companies and can assure you that once a star has been allocated on our database it cannot be renamed or re-allocated without your consent.

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