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Pimms No1   Nothing beats a glass of Pimms on a summer’s day. The British beverage is almost as much a tradition as the cup of tea and the British down the gin-based drink by the gallon during the summer months. History of Pimms Rewind back to a London oyster bar in the 1840s where owner James Pimm invented the thirst-quencher. Using gin quinine and a secret mixture of herbs good old Pimm served up the brew as an aid to digestion dishing it out in a small tankard and the No. 1 Cup moniker was born. After the Second World War Pimms extended their range using a number of other spirits as bases for new cups. Scotch lent its name to No. 2 cup while No. 3 used brandy No. 4 rum No. 5 rye and No. 6 vodka. Of these sequels the vodka cup and brandy (now called Winter) are the only ones in production while original No. 1 cup still reigns supreme in popularity. Pimms Recipes Traditional Pimms No.1 Take one slice of orange lemon apple cucumber per person and one sprig of mint and add to two parts lemonade to one part Pimms. Turbo Pimms No.1 As above but five parts lemonade two parts Pimms one part gin. English Passion Pimms No.6 Take a shaker 2/3 full of ice and add 50ml of Pimms No.6 25ml of Zubrowka vodka flesh and juice of a passion fruit and a dash of sugar syrupp. Shake well and strain into a tumbler full of ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint and two short straws. Maximum Voltage Pimms No.6 Take a shaker 2/3 full of ice 50ml of Pimms No.6 25ml of Zubrowka vodka and 25ml of Cointreau. Shake well and strain into a highball full of ice. Fill with soda water and garnish with mint. If mixing your own Pimms sounds too much like hard work head to one of the many pubs and bars in London which serve up Pimms with a healthy dose of fruit ice and garnished with a sprig of mint

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