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Send Solovey Vodka 70cl - In Support Of Ukraine profits donated to WarChild

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Vodka in support of Ukraine. 100% of profits donated to WarChild. SOLOVEY was born to sing the incredible stories of everyday Ukrainian people. 



SOLOVEY was born from an idea by Yasha Estraikh, a Ukrainian living in London. Seeing what the Ukrainian people and his family were experiencing, he found himself looking for ways he could offer meaningful support.

He quickly discovered that many bars, restaurants and individuals were looking for a replacement for Russian vodka. And so, with the help of a number of like-minded people from a range of disciplines, he set out to create a vodka to support the people of Ukraine.




They have partnered with War Child to give a voice to the next generation, with profits going to delivering on-the-ground long-term support to vulnerable child refugees.




The vodka (horilka) is named after the solovey (nightingale), Ukraine’s national animal, and a symbol of spring, hope and renewal. It’s story is rooted in Ukrainian folktales.

'Once there lived a family of farmers that had the most abundant and fertile wheat fields in the land. One night a storm struck, leaving the scarecrows broken and useless.

And the yellow fields became a sea of black, as a murder of crows gorged themselves on the land. The family were at risk of ruin, until they heard the sweet melody of the nightingale.

"Your fields' glory has not yet perished. Luck will smile and your family be cherished. Chase your enemy away, like darkness from a sun’s ray. And you shall love your land as free people who took a stand".

Together, with the strength between them, they chased off the crows. And as the sharp horizon of bluest sky and richest yellow came back into view, the nightingale flew away as the harbinger of happiness and hope'.

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